The Guardian

Issue No: 1336 . 12 September, 2007

  • Editorial: APEC and climate change
  • APEC: Failed economic policies
  • Senator Nettle banned from Villawood
  • Howard’s Australia: 1 in 10 in poverty
  • China now Australia’s main trading partner
  • Gunn’s mill; new safety threats
  • MUA warns government over terror threats
  • Unions vow to fight NSW privatised energy
  • Work bans hit Perth hospitals
  • ANF commits to closing the gap
  • Collective action wins at Thales
  • Abolition of CDEP punishes the poor
  • Perth actions against corporate globalisation
  • Stop the extradition to the US
  • Assault on communist forces in Europe
  • Elections in Cuba
  • TV programs worth watching
  • Culture and Life: Can of worms

    Articles in PDF format:
  • Castro on George W Bush and APEC
  • US war profiteers steal billions
  • High cost of war in Iraq
  • Quebec police defend undercover officer
  • India-US nuclear deal put in doubt
  • Western Sahara decolonisation talks
  • Global briefs
  • Dingo bytes
  • Letters to the Editor