The Guardian

Issue No: 1316 . 25 April, 2007

  • Editorial: The "Pacific solution" & the US
  • Big rally for Your Rights At Work
  • Government’s plan for East Timor
  • The drought: Howard shouts disaster
  • Equality is the goal of Indigenous campaign
  • Calls for improved childcare standards
  • Workers occupy factory
  • 457 visa workers get organised
  • Push to impose HECS on TAFE
  • Preserving Canberra’s social capital
  • Rudd retreats on IR promises
  • Crisis of capitalist globalisation
  • Bush Government frees terrorist
  • Desertions from the US army on the rise
  • Culture and Life: Living by the gun

    Articles in PDF format:
  • TAFE underfunded
  • Garbage and frustration mount in Gaza
  • Bolivian president faces rocky road
  • Referendum on FTA in Costa Rica
  • Free the Cuban Five
  • USA: Calls for gun control grow
  • TV programs worth watching
  • Dingo bytes
  • Global briefs
  • Letters to the Editor