The Guardian 14 February, 2007

Stolen Cuban funds

The United States illegally froze Cuban funds in its banks after the victory of the Cuban Revolution. As part of its continuing notorious blockade the so-called "Cuban Assets Control Regulations", first approved in July 1963 is still in force.

As recently as November last year the United States removed about US$72,000 dollars to satisfy the legal rulings of the spurious lawsuits brought against Cuba by two American citizens — Janet Ray Weininger and Dorothy Anderson McCarthy.

Janet Weininger is daughter of an American pilot and CIA official. Thomas Ray was brought down during the American invasion of Cuba. His body remained in the Institute of Legal Medicine of Cuba for 18 years because the US tried to conceal his identity and refused to admit he was an American citizen and was taking part in the failed invasion. It is only in 1979, due to the efforts of the Ray family and the US acknowledgement of his identity and citizenship that the body was returned to the relatives.

Thomas Ray’s daughter falsely alleged that her father was executed in 1961.

In the other lawsuit, brought by Dorothy McCarthy, the Florida court accepted charges of supposed torture and extrajudicial killing of American citizen Howard Anderson.

According to the Cuban side, Mr Anderson was tried in 1961 by a Cuban court for his subversive activities at the service of the US government and against Cuban people, and sentenced to death.

Mr Anderson had been detained by the Cuban State Security body in March 1961, just a few weeks before the infamous Bay of Pigs fiasco for being a member of the terrorist groups which were preparing armed uprisings in accordance with CIA instructions. Some 8 tons of weapons were seized from Anderson’s group.

In 1961 the Bay of Pigs invasion was over after 72 hours of fierce fighting. The US had counted on a popular uprising against the Cuban government but it never materialised. The Bay of Pigs invasion can be safely characterised as a "terrorist action" against a country.

The statement issued by Cuba’s Minister for Foreign Affairs states that "the Cuban government does not recognise the jurisdiction of the American courts to judge the Republic of Cuba. Neither the US government nor the legal bodies of this country have authority to give part of the frozen Cuban assets to terrorist groups or families of US citizens who have been involved in attacks on our country, thus directly encouraging these actions"…

"Cuba shall never renounce its right to demand that the US government take full responsibility for the theft of every last cent of the funds that do not legitimately belong to them", concludes the statement.

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