The Guardian 23 November, 2005

Northpac pay up now!

Twenty construction workers in Sydney are fighting for their entitlements after building company D3 Contracting went bust in early October.

The CFMEU reports that the workers were sacked without their wages, holiday pay and redundancy entitlements and the company has not paid workers their superannuation since April this year.

Already one of the workers, Gordon Larkins, has been evicted form his unit in Summer Hill because he could not pay his rent.

The manager of Northpac, Ray Touma, is a millionaire. At the same time as his workers remain unpaid he is selling luxury units in the Sydney CBD.

The Northpac workers, backed by the Construction Branch of the CFMEU, have vowed to protest at the site, at 137 Bathurst Street, until they are paid.

What you can do:

1) Support the protest at 137 Bathrust St (near corner of Castlereagh St) from 7.00am to 4pm Monday to Saturday.

2) Ring the manager of Northpac, Ray Touma, on 02 9807 4455 or email to to register your support for the workers.

3) Make a donation to the families of these workers at the protest site.

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