The Guardian 9 November, 2005


Between . (Employer)

And . (Worker)

This AWA covers ALL of your terms and conditions of employment and is subject to change by the employer at any time according to business requirements and in line with the Fair Pay and Conditions Standard.

hourly rate $12.75

Ordinary Hours of Work:
as required by business with maximum of 38 ordinary hours averaged over 12 months.

Public Holidays:
As proclaimed by State Government, paid at $13.50 per hour when they do not fall on a weekend.

Annual Leave:
4 weeks paid leave 2 weeks may be cashed in.

Personal/Carers Leave:
76 hours paid leave including sick leave, and 2 additional days unpaid carers leave.

Parental Leave:
12 months unpaid leave for maternity, paternity or adoption.

Meal break:
30 minutes unpaid after 6 hours of continuous work.

Redundancy/termination of employment:
No redundancy pay. Employer may terminate employment with no notice in accordance with business requirements. Employee must give 2 weeks notice.

as directed by employer.

Public holidays,
rest breaks (including meal breaks), bonuses, annual leave loadings, allowances, penalty rates and shift/overtime loadings provisions in the award do not apply. Nor do any other provisions of the award.

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