The Guardian 2 November, 2005

Rice-Rumsfeld protest postponed

The Rice Rumsfeld Reception Committee in Adelaide has issued a second national notice to anti- war and environment activists pointing out that the national protest against the visit of US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice and Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld has been postponed. The group is continuing its preparations for a national protest in the event that such a visit goes ahead. Official statements indicate that this is a possibility.

The hawkish Secretary of State was originally scheduled to attend the inaugural meeting of the Asia Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate, which is made up of the six major industrial nations that have not signed onto the Kyoto Protocol. Apart from the threat to the environment posed by the APPCDC, Condoleezza Rice, previously US Security Advisor played a pivotal role in developing the fabricated justification for the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Readers may have seen a number of recent media items indicating that the AAPC event has been postponed, and may be held next year. This postponement has been variously attributed to fears of protest, security issues, unavailability of suitable venues and logistical problems. Media reports have suggested that the APPCDC meeting may be held in 2006 in either Sydney or Canberra. Activists need to be alert for any confirmation about a meeting in the coming months.

The national response to the protest originally proposed for November was very positive and makes it clear that a significant national protest is both possible and widely supported in principle.

Meanwhile, Adelaide activists have decided to hold a local protest on November 17 at 4.30pm on the steps of SA's Parliament House utilising the same theme as proposed for the national protest: "Stop the war on the environment and the environment of war".

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or Jeanie Lucas, Secretary NOWAR,,
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