The Guardian 26 January, 2005


Henry Erixon

A long-time friend and supporter of the Communist Party, Henry Erixon, died in Sydney on July 22, 2005 at the age of 89 years.

Henry was born in Sweden and migrated firstly to the US and then to Australia. He was married in the US but unfortunately his wife died at a relatively young age. He then came to Australia.

He was a highly trained and competent toolmaker and worked among other things on the inspection of aircraft components. He was very proud of his professional ability.

In Australia he took a keen interest in left politics and often visited Sydneys Domain which for many years was a lively political forum. Henry took a continuing interest in politics and liked nothing better than an animated discussion on left political affairs both at home and abroad.

Henry was always independent-minded and had strong views about many things. He very much wanted to be active but advancing years and declining health limited his ability to come to functions or meetings.

Henry maintained that he had had a full and happy life. He added to the sum total of our lives and our society and will live on in the memories of his relatives and his friends.

The Guardian extends its condolences to his nephew, Charlie Ernst and other family members and to his friends.

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