The Guardian 3 August, 2005

Justice Now!

"TJ died last year. Too many koori kids are dying at the hands of the ‘law’", said The Indigenous Social Justice Association (ISJA). "Whose Son, Brother, Sister, Cousin, Uncle, Aunt will die this year at the hands of the police?"

"One year ago a corrupt police brief was presented to the State Coroner, John Abernethy for his adjudication. Some evidentiary material was either not presented or was blocked from being presented. The Coroner exonerated the Redfern police" the ISJA said, in calling for participation in a march and rally on Wednesday August 17.

The Hickey Family, the ISJA and other supporters have been calling for the original Inquest to be re-opened, or for a new Inquest to be held.

Then premier Bob Carr said that the Inquest would not be re-opened and that there would not be a new Inquest — regardless of any new evidence.

The ISJA is calling for:

  • The reopening of a new Coronial Inquest to review the original police evidence presented and further, that the large amount of evidence not presented by either the police or the state coroner be heard; and

  • That the police Community Liaison Officers, namely Paul Wilkinson and Derek Wilson, be called to give evidence to the State Coroner, in camera if necessary, to investigate and expand on their statements to the NSW Upper House enquiry; and

  • That Ms Gail Hickey, mother of the young man, be granted the right to choose her own independent legal team to properly represent her interests — and the best interests of justice — and further that all relevant costs be met by the NSW government.

    Protest to put a stop to the deaths and get true justice for Koori kids.

    No Black Out! No White Wash!

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