The Guardian 3 August, 2005

CP of Ireland welcomes IRA statement

The statement issued by the IRA today (July 28) should be welcomed by all those who are genuinely interested in seeing the full implementation of the Belfast Agreement.

It is clear from the statement that the Republican Movement is now committed to struggle for its goals by political means.

It is incumbent upon both the British government and Unionism to re-engage with Sinn Féin and others to see the re-establishment of the Northern Assembly and Executive as quickly as possible.

The Communist Party calls for the full implementation of the Patton proposals in relation to policing.

It is important to all democratic opinion that democratic control and accountability of  policing is quickly put in place in order to reassure all sections of the community and to build upon the momentum now taking place.

The Communist Party calls upon all democratic forces to build the necessary co-operation to advance the cause of national unity and national democracy.

The end of armed struggle by the IRA opens up new possibilities and opportunity to rebuild unity within the working class, North & South on issues of common concern; threats to Irish sovereignty and independence, EU constitution, neutrality, Bush/Blair war alliance, etc.

Eugene McCartan, General Secretary

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