The Guardian 18 May, 2005

More determined than ever

Excerpt from the speech given by Fidel Castro in Revolution Square, Havana, 1 May 2005.

Dear fellow Cubans,

In the face of the most powerful empire in the history of humanity — an empire which is as determined to destroy our identity as an independent nation now as it has been in the past — we stand here in this glorious square, after 46 years of heroic struggle.

One hundred and fifty kilometres away from that power, Cuba is committing, and will continue to commit — don’t let there be any doubt about this — the sin of existing.

The fallacy — perpetrated by the great liar John Bolton, who is perhaps the perfect symbol of the United States to stand before the United Nations — that Cuba is supposedly producing weapons of biological warfare is looking increasingly embarrassing and impotent.

They have failed in their renewed ideological war, in which they invaded or tried to invade our radio electronic space with a host of subversive broadcasts of anti-Cuban radio and television; as they have failed in their attempt to internationally isolate Cuba; in their support of idle mercenaries and their use as Trojan horses within the country; in the vulgar actions of the American Interests Section which specially chose and trained an agitator to engineer his own expulsion with a well-deserved kick up the backside; and in their intentions to suffocate us with the intensification of the criminal economic, commercial and financial blockade.

On the other hand, Cuban credit has grown stronger, its international economic relations have increased, and business with US agricultural producers has expanded, despite the many obstacles imposed by the fraudulent and deceitful occupant of the White House.

The manoeuvre to deprive our country of the US Dollar also failed: the dollar has now been dishonourably dismissed from our country, where, during the very harsh times of the Special Period, it reigned as the Louis XIV of monetary circulation.

More united than ever

All their aggressive plots against our people have failed. Here we are, I insist, stronger than ever, more united than ever, more determined than ever to continue with the exceptional work of building a more just, more supportive, more humane and more prosperous society; it is already within our grasp.

The American government, along with its many other sinister strategies to harm our homeland, resorted to the vulgar option of adding Cuba to a spurious and cynical list of “terrorist countries”. During the last week the US State Department published an updated list. It states, in a perverse and malicious way, that “Cuba remained actively opposed to the US-led coalition prosecuting the global war on terrorism”.

Why does Cuba have to follow the lead of a corrupt and genocidal government?

Following 11 September 2001 and the atrocious attacks on the Twin Towers — planned and carried out by fanatical leaders financially linked to the dynasty that currently reigns in the White House, individuals who were also trained and used by the US Special Services — the Empire’s policy has centred on what it described as a world crusade against the terrorism which — invented by them against Cuba, Viet Nam, and other countries — has become a world tragedy. The fascist doctrine of the pre-emptive and surprise attack on “any dark corner of the world” was declared, and 60 or more states were grotesquely cited as possible targets.

One of these of course — and heading the list — was Cuba.

On the very 11 September 2001, Cuba warned of the absurdity of this concept and advised that war would never be the solution to the problem.

Reports from the US Counter-Terrorism Centre at this time show that in 2004 there were three times more major terrorist acts — 651 compared with 175 — than in 2003.

When the American government unjustifiably invaded Iraq it consciously lied about the existence of weapons of mass destruction. Actually, it was the oil they were after; it was a vulgar war of conquest. All the painful evidence has quashed Bush’s hypocritical speech that the world is now a safer place than it was four years ago.

Despicable lies

What is the credibility of the State Department when it tries to use the “first on the list” scarecrow against us, when Cuba is the country least fearful and the most capable of uncovering their despicable lies?

On top of all this, the government of that country has been foolish enough to say that “the biggest cause for concern is that these States — including Cuba in first place — have the capacity to produce weapons of mass destruction and other destabilising technology which could fall into the hands of the terrorists” — this at the exact time when John Bolton, the deranged author of this folly, is questioned by several of the most important intelligence services of the United States for venting his fury on some honest officials who had the decency to oppose his depraved and untenable lies. Major media outlets and — what is even more worrying for the extremist, warmongering and genocidal mob — the members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee are amazed at such shocking behaviour.

Sinister aims

The sinister aims of these lies are well known.

Neither can we forget more than 45 years of aggression, mercenary invasions, piratical attacks, acts of sabotage, a dirty war that, in the midst of an atrocious and pitiless blockade, has taken the lives of thousands and thousands of fellow-countrymen, victims of these acts of terrorism.

How can the US government, least of all the present administration, accuse Cuba, the victim, and place it first on a list of terrorist nations, when what they should actually do is place Cuba first on a list of victims of imperialist terrorism for more than half a century.

We were afraid that this event would go on for too long. We realise that this is summer, the sun is strong, and that people began to mobilise at ten o’clock last night so that we might bring together 1,300,000 people — all of whom are not readily visible here, because all the empty spaces and avenues around this square are filled with fellow-Cubans.

You all deserve our infinite recognition for your revolutionary and patriotic spirit, for your support of such a just cause, for your dignity and revolutionary spirit, for your quietness and the attention paid to the valiant, moving and eloquent words we have been hearing from all those who have stood on this podium today.

Words which have strengthened our self-confidence and resolve that our nations will be free and will unite closely to defend the same common causes we defend here.

At the end of the day it will not be too difficult — all of those peoples who once struggled against colonialism and who lost many of their sons and daughters in the struggle against fascism, these peoples will unite with their Latin American brothers and sisters, in the struggle for justice, in the struggle for truth, in the struggle for the survival of our species, which is at stake today.

Let us never forget this event. Let us never forget the words of solidarity spoken by our brothers and sisters from the South, the Centre, and the North.

As I told you recently, the main slogan of the mobilisation of this May Day has become “Humanity has a yearning for justice”. You have proved this here today.

And looking out onto this huge, unsurpassable and emotional crowd, I remember that unforgettable 15 October 1976 as if it were today, the moment in which we bade farewell to the victims of that monstrous act of terrorism against the Cuban airliner over Barbados, which made me state: “When an energetic and forceful people cry, injustice trembles!”

We shall see!

Long live the 30th anniversary, which we also commemorate today, of the glorious and exemplary victory of the heroic people of Vietnam, a victory that the imperialists should never forget!

Patria o muerte! Venceremos!

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