The Guardian 4 May, 2005

US goes into hysterics

The United States representative became livid when both Venezuela and Zimbabwe were elected as members of the UN Commission on Human Rights (UNCHR) last week. The vote was seen as a deliberate slap in the face for the US arising from its domineering attitude, its manipulations and hypocrisy. One reporter called the US reaction "hysterical".

Cuba also remains a member of the 53-member Human Rights Commission.

For some time the Venezuelan UN mission has been outspoken in its strong criticism in different forums of the unjust international economic order and the interventionism and double standards of the superpower.

The US has no right to lecture other countries on human rights in the light of the Abu Graib torture, the use of Guantanamo to imprison persons without trial in a location deliberately chosen because it ruled out legal challenges and the numerous US led wars which have led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands in a number of countries in recent years.

The re-election of Zimbabwe provoked extreme annoyance from the Washington representative. In response to his hysterical statements, the Zimbabwean delegate Boniface Chidyausiki said that "those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones".

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