The Guardian 16 March, 2005

Support Tenix workers

Melbourne workers have joined a London web campaigner in a cyber attack on military contractor Tenix. The Australian Services Union (ASU) launched an "electronic picket" (see below) of the company after it insisted employees sign AWAs against their wills, and refused to recognise their union.

Tenix, which employed the union bashing former Workplace Relations Minister Peter Reith, was one of the first companies to foist federal individual agreements, Australian Workplace Agreements (AWAs) on its employees.

After six years of them, Melbourne-based staff passed judgement in an 83 percent vote for a union-negotiated collective contract. Tenix's reaction was to try to force workers to sign its AWAs and to refuse to recognise the union.

Workers struck and are now calling on the public to back their right to choose.

London-based Labourstart has mounted an on-line campaign in support of the Melbourne workers. In the first 12 hours of the campaign more than 1000 protest emails were aimed at Tenix from activists around the world.

The ASU has also purchased advertising on Google to promote the campaign. Whenever the keywords Tenix, union, collective bargaining or AWA are entered into the search engine a link to the campaign web site is included in the results.

Check out the campaign page on (full address below) and send a message to Tenix that is time to deal fairly with staff.

Further background on the campaign can be found at the ASU's campaign web site:

To send message to Tenix:

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