The Guardian
Issue No: 1121December 11, 2002

     The choice before the Australian people

The horrible cost of war
Broad support for WA anti-war actions
The war on the poor
NSW's repressive terror laws
Insidious public private "partnership"
     for public schools

Carmen Lawrence takes principled stand
     on refugee policy

Colombian plea for solidarity
Abbott backs Grocon hit list
Xstrata miners strike back
New asbestos research institute
Film review: Bowling for Columbine
Interview with Senator Kerry Nettle
Australian scientists sound grim warning
Iraq inspections proceed Bush presses war
UNICEF's Big Mac Alliance
Sao Paulo forum
India: huge youth protests
Turkey: thousands turn to Communist Party
Iraq complies but US continues war threats
Campaign to free Philippino leader Sison
Television programs worth watching
BUSHSPEAK: What the hell????
Letters to the Editor
Culture and Life
     Nuke the Russkies: maintaining paranoia