The Guardian
Issue No: 1114October 23, 2002

Editorial: They also grieve
Who is behind Bali bombing
     Important victory for progressive policies

Public health: The prognosis isn't good
World nations reject US war
US interferes in Australian politics
End cycle of violence, say doctors
Youth debt a national disgrace
Public housing scandal
Education backflip:
     great win for Sydney schools

Playing on fear and division
The demise of bulk billing:
     Howard's two-tier Medicare

Participatory democracy for Venezuela
Robert Fisk tears Blair's "dossier" to shreds
No-star treatment on cruise ships
Czech Republic: Big gains by communists
More than 180,000 Israeli workers strike
Left turn in Brazil
Honduras children murdered in the streets
TV programs worth watching
Letters to the Editor
Culture and Life
     Another sign of capitalism in crisis:
     Culture in decline
     US gun culture and consequences:
     Violence is no mystery