The Guardian
Issue No: 1112October 9, 2002

Editorial: The art of cover-up and lying
Action at Pine Gap
Bush's "Mein Kampf" of world domination
Hilton Hotel workers strike
ALP Conference: Sound and fury
     signifying (next to) nothing

Labor backflip over Sandon Point
Philanthropy and "social investment"
Solidarity with US dockworkers
NSW WorkCover:
     Questions raised as Minister flounders

Corporations reap profits amid drought
The real issues behind HECS in TAFE
CPUSA statement:
     War drive threatens all of humanity

Opposition to US war growing quickly
Help expose NATO lies!
South African doctors back from Cuba
Water privatisation hurts developing countries
Colombia: US funds death squads
TV programs worth watching
Letters to the Editor
Culture and Life
     Stinkers: The rotten smell of the US establishment
     Weird: Decadent capitalism