The Guardian
Issue No: 1109September 18, 2002

Editorial: September 11 hype is all about war
No! to war for oil
Johannesburg Summit.
     The battle lines become clearer and sharper

Pacific Islands call
     at World Development Summit

Close Pine Gap
Rio Tinto must act on its words
A sugar sweetener for big boys
Telstra's privatisation
Long service leave campaign for casuals
BHP AWA offers at Pilbara
Privatisation of higher education by stealth
Insurers may gamble, but you lose
Charter to guide portrayal of women
Perfecting the violence of curfew
Mexico: Chiapas ready to explode
Czech Government blasted on flood package
Sharon attacks peace supporters
Canadian Government plotting to revive MAI
TV Programs worth watching
Letters to the Editor
Culture and Life
     Bats: ...everywhere
     Rare talents: Australian scriptwriters