The Guardian
Issue No: 1105August 21, 2002

Editorial: Beware the lies
US & Australia fuel greenhouse
ALP wavers on Iraq war
We shall not be moved
Save public lands rally at Callan Park
Government dangles another sword
     over universities

Ominous silence on new ASIO bill
Dumped like used goods
Dayson strike still strong after 13 weeks
Qantas workers strike over job security
Jobless CSL seafarers protest
Who is wearing the blinkers
One China: Taiwan is part of China
Open letter to Howard by church leaders
Longshore rallies tell Bush: Butt out
Mary Robinson forced out
"Ludicrous" round up of children
India: Drought threatens lives, economy
Greek Government uses special forces
     against striking seafarers

TV programs worth watching
How super is "choice"?
Letters to the Editor
Culture and Life
     When the privileged lose everything:
     A major source of anti-communism