The Guardian
Issue No: 1100July 17, 2002

Editorial: Capitalism a monumental failure
Queensland health workers fight on
Telstra: Senator Lees says: "Take the bait."
UN calls for immediate release of children
Australia moves towards food irradiation
Victorian workplace deaths rise by 17%
ACTU pursues paid maternity leave
Union bans likely
     in South Australian forestry dispute

Building inquiry reveals more than expected
I always wanted to be a nurse
     Occupation according to garbage collection

Bosnia: Memories of brotherhood and unity
German party has big ambitions
Mr "Z" and the anthrax attacks
Bush covers for Wall Street thieves
East Timor:
     Courageous people look to the future

Letters to the Editor
TV Programs Worth Watching
Culture and Life
     From the future to the past:
     Life in the former GDR