The Guardian
Issue No: 1097June 26, 2002

Editorial: Last week in Parliament
Pre-emptive strike means endless war
University a privilege for the rich?
New hunger strike at Woomera
The Siev-X tradegy.
     How much did the government know?

Oceans apart, common struggles.
     Interview with two Canadian communists

Another UN is possible.
     For a corporate-free UN

Nurses: worth looking after
Union fights Suncorp to save staff conditions
CFMEU takes Abbott to task
Pelican Point preservation win
Doubts over GM crops
Families of Sept 11 victims demand answers
Peruvians riot against privatisation
The US role in Venezualan coup
Cuba warns: US aggressive and dangerous
Eight million Cubans sign for socialism
Letters to the Editor
TV Programs Worth Watching
Threat to national security of Russia
Culture and Life
     Letter from Athens:
     Solidarity a long way from home