The Guardian
Issue No: 1096June 19, 2002

     Australia's servile, fawning Prime Minister

Razor-wire racists
BHP forced to negotiate
Queensland police under fire
More welfare reforms
Building inquiry rolls on in wrong direction
Murdoch and Packer set for monopoly
Copper smelter explodes.
     Just another day at PKC

Mining companies pollute but not prosecuted
Timor labour gap
Book Review: The myth of nine to five
Dirty war in Colombia
Mike Moore's office of homeland security
Czech elections: big gains for communists
Japan threatens to go nuclear
Argentinian workers fight back
Another scenario, from Tehran Times
Israel's fence is not going to deliver
Trip to see "The Bad Fence"
TV programs Worth Watching
Letters to the Editor
Culture and Life
     Of plays, proletarians and public lands:
     Taggart is tops!
     Aboriginal theatre: exposing prison life
     Consuming green space: Privatising fresh air