The Guardian
Issue No: 1095June 12, 2002

Editorial: Government out to sink Medicare
Knives out for Medicare
Woomera refugees ripped off
On-the-spot injustice
Government sinking in refugee
     policy quagmire

Senate rejects anti-terror laws for now
Car companies, BHP try to crush picket
Overworked, underpaid
Hyping the Spider for global conflict
India-Pakistan relations: war is no solution
Cuba: a virulent accuser
India: privateers loot public money
British firm targets new NATO states
Help free Leonard Peltier
TV programs worth watching
Letters to the Editor
John Pilger: how Britain's
     armaments fuel war and poverty

Culture and Life
     Sports injuries: ...under capitalism
     No-holds-barred capitalist propaganda:
     training boy the US!