The Guardian
Issue No: 1091May 15, 2002

Editorial: migration policy
     selfish and inhumane

State of corruption
Rail police terrorise passengers
Services to Indigenous communities
     still fall short

DOCS: scandalous government neglect
Senate Committee rejects "anti-terror" laws
Public concern for future of Semaphore Beach
CSL Yarra workers standing firm
     for Australian jobs

"Smart State" comes fifth
Church hate campaign
Fertiliser contamination shock
Latvia: politics of ethnic cleansing
False trails to justify war
Burma: suspicious motives
Germany: 2.7 million German metalworkers
     hit the bricks

Shockwaves from Birmingham
United States disregard for international law
US Armed Forces urge
     offensive biological weapons development

US spreads its "targets" Castro responds
Tearing up another UN decision
Culture and Life
     Free to say whatever the boss likes:
     "Freedom of speech" at work