The Guardian
Issue No: 1087April 17, 2002

Editorial: Israeli apologists at work
Viva Chavez! People's victory in Venezuela
Massacre in Palestine
Terrorism Bill: urgent action required
Social security cuts fund war
Bail-out plan for profit bloated insurers
National Australia Bank attack on workers
Union calls for sanctions against Israel
Needs of public education
South Australia's unemployed face
     more cuts and charges

Unions and Greens take stand on
     NSW workers' compensation

Union basher Rio Tinto loss
     secret ballot in Western Australia

Gloom shoulds next step in
     South Australian electricity deregulation

Burma's communists regroup
Government flounders over cruel
     refugee policies

Arafat's statement on Israel aggression
     and terrorism

NTEU struggle to defend job security
Calls mount for Israeli withdrawal
Suicide of Serbian leader
Culture and Life
     Indian cinema: Songs from Bollywood