The Guardian
Issue No: 1081February 27, 2002

Editorial: A moral, social and political crisis
Notorious union-basher buys rail network
Anti-terror bills on hold
Australia's unwanted nuclear reactor
Shameful shipping policy
Beneath the stained glass glow
Recruitment agencies and
     the creation of a dossier society

Howard overboard
ENRON. Capitalism in a nutshell (Part 2)
In ENRON'S bag
Milosevic takes the offensive
Pakistan police attacks peasants to grab land
New Yorkers say: "not in our name"
Russian Generals say Putin betrayed voters
Sharon's war, lies and now, ghettos
Stop all-out war in Colombia
Fight globalisation together says Lebanese
     trade union leader

Culture and Life
     The art of influential lying:
     A bit of truth to illustrate the point