The Guardian
Issue No: 1080February 20, 2002

Editorial: Priorities: war and racism or
     jobs, education and health

Liars and racists
Climate change and energy.
     Need for radical action

South Australia election outcome
Calls to Telstra went unheeded
Qld bus dispute. A matter of dignity
Quarantine station.
     Speakers slam privatisation

ENRON: Capitalism in a nutshell
South Australian elections.
     Push for electoral "reform"

Plot to assassinate Mugabe exposed
Hague Tribunal illegal
Putin's little troopers
Threat to Iraq condemned
US Cuban prisoners.
     "We will be able to withstand anything"

Jewish and Arab protesters call for peace
Appeal: Chilean prisoners in Brazil
Culture and Life
     Spiritual uplifting: Is your dog hungry?
     Bad elements:...contemplating neo-colonialism