The Guardian July 24, 2002

Cycle of force and counterforce leading to disaster

Statement from Gush Shalom

Brute force does not provide a solution. Even a month of total 
occupation in the Palestinian cities, ongoing curfew and suffocation which 
has brought the population to the edge of starvation, provide no solution 
and bring us no security.

On the contrary  the acts of the soldiers who enforce the daily curfew 
prevent some terrorist attacks  but only at the price of increasing the 
hatred from which ever-new attacks spring.

Today's lethal attack on a bus near the settlement of Immanuel on the West 
Bank is a new and painful reminder. As long as the people of Israel go on 
blindly following the Sharon Government, this government will go on leading 
the two peoples on the road to mutual killing and destruction.

It is not the escalation of oppression and the deepening of the occupation 
which will give Israel peace, security and prosperity. That can be achieved 
only by an end to the occupation and withdrawal of the army, both from the 
recently reoccupied Palestinian cities and from the Occupied Territories as 
a whole.

For that, Israel must again talk to the Palestinians  to the 
representatives chosen by the Palestinians themselves, not to supposed 
"leaders" which the Sharon Government dreams of appointing.

* * *
Gush Shalom is an Israeli peace bloc. For more information visit:

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