The Guardian July 24, 2002

International meeting of Communist and Workers' Parties

Press Release

From June, 21-23, delegates from 62 Communist and Workers' parties met in 
Athens to discuss "The new world situation after September 11, 2001". The 
meeting was hosted and organised by the Communist Party of Greece (CPG). 
During the three day-long sessions, there was a creative exchange of ideas 
about the international situation and the experiences of the people's 
struggles and mass movements in their countries. The CPG issued the 
following statement at the conclusion of the meeting.

Evaluating international developments, the participants condemned the 
terrorist actions of September 11. They also unequivocally condemned the 
dangerous escalation of US and NATO aggressiveness and the measures of 
state terrorism that followed. They concluded that all peoples and their 
mass movements are threatened by the potential global domination of 
monopoly capital, with the USA as the leading force.

Pretext for offensive

The parties noted that the September 11 events also constituted a pretext 
to launch an unprecedented offensive against the freedoms and rights of the 
peoples on the pretext of declaring war on terrorism.

Imperialists label as terrorist every resistance movement which struggles 
against capitalist globalisation and the decisions against the interest of 
the people taken by international organisations (such as IMF, World Bank, 
WTO, EU, etc.), anti-imperialist movements which struggle against 
imperialist interventions and wars and against NATO, as well any social and 
national liberation movement and struggles against dictatorship and fascist 

The participants pointed out and emphasised that the struggle of peoples 
and movements for social liberation, national independence, peace and 
democracy has nothing to do with terrorist methods. From their lengthy 
experience, communists especially know very well the way that imperialists 
and reactionary forces set about slandering these movements.

The participants condemned terrorism. Only the most reactionary, inhuman, 
racist imperialist forces hostile to the people, benefit from terrorism.

At the same time they stated their full support for the peoples' struggle 
for their social rights and for national independence.

The participants condemned the war against Afghanistan, the threats to 
expand the war. Bush's statements about the "axis of evil", the threat to 
use nuclear weapons and the acceleration of the armament programs and the 
National Missile Defence (NMD).

The militarisation of international relations is acquiring even more 
dangerous features and the danger of new conflicts is growing under the 
weight of rivalries and interventions.

NATO, with its new doctrine and its new enlargement, is transforming itself 
into a world policeman under the hegemony of US imperialism.

The participants noted that the whole of humanity is facing a dangerous 
plan by contemporary imperialism which threatens peace, security and 
stability in many regions of the planet.

The intensity of imperialist aggression in the name of combating terrorism, 
which is growing in the context of the heightened economic crisis within 
the centres of the imperialist system, does not confine itself to 
international relations and the military sector, but embraces all spheres 
of social life.

It accelerates capitalist restructuring both in the economy and in the 
workers' standard of living. It turns against workers' rights and gains. It 
influences the political system, acquiring even more reactionary political 
and ideological characteristics in culture and in workers' leisure time.

A new, more reactionary institutional framework is being formed by 
international imperialism, which tramples on fundamental popular freedoms 
and rights and deploys new repressive mechanisms.

Many speakers stressed the promising fact that despite imperialism's 
growing aggression after September 11, popular demonstrations and 
resistance have increased in a number of cases.

Mobilisations against the imperialist war on the people of Afghanistan have 
multiplied, as has the opposition to fresh interventions against the people 
of Iraq and other countries which US imperialism includes in the "axis of 

Solidarity with Palestinians

Participants reiterated their support for the struggle of the Palestinian 
people, rejected the labelling of this struggle as terrorist and consider 
the Israeli occupation to be the source of violence in the region.

Demonstrations of solidarity with the just struggle of the Palestinian 
people to acquire their independence and their own sovereign, viable state 
with East Jerusalem as its capital have become stronger and have expanded 
all over the world.

Participants condemned the ongoing occupation of Syrian and Lebanese 
territories and demanded the unconditional withdrawal of Israeli troops and 
the return of all refugees, in accordance with UN Resolutions 242, 338, 

Many speakers stressed the need for efforts supporting this struggle to be 
stepped up yet further in their countries and also the need to organise 
solidarity missions to the territory occupied by Israel and to the self- 
administered Palestinian areas.

Participants categorically condemned the flagrant violence committed by the 
Israeli Government on occupied Palestinian territory and the mass arrests 
and imprisonment of Palestinians including leading cadres of the 
Palestinian liberation movement.

The need for a broad campaign demanding their release was stressed, and 
support was expressed for the initiative to form a "human shield" in 
Palestine on June 28.

Participants expressed their concern for the continuous violations of the 
principles and resolutions of the UN and of the international law.

Spirit of struggle and resistance

Quite a few speakers referred to steps taken that show an awakening and 
spirit for struggle and resistance in the labour and trade union movement, 
with the reinforcement of the presence of class forces within it developing 
new struggles putting forth their demands.

Likewise they stressed the need to develop action in the workplace and to 
further strengthen class forces in the labour and trade union movement.

It was, moreover, noted that the multiform movement against capitalist 
globalization has grown in strength, as has the process of determining 
orientations and demands within this movement.

It was underscored that an active policy of solidarity and support amongst 
Communist and Workers' Parties and also amongst peoples' movements in 
general is needed. Quite a few speakers voiced the need for a number of 
initiatives taken by various Communist and Workers' Parties or movements to 
be supported. Amongst these, the following were mentioned:

* The campaign for international mobilisation demanding the release of the 
five Cuban patriots who are imprisoned in the US because they fought 
against the terrorist groups of Miami, as well as the campaigns for the 
lifting of the US blockade against Cuba.

* The initiative being taken by the CP of Bohemia-Moravia in Prague in 
November 2002 against the enlargement of NATO.

* The initiative against the plan of neoliberal reconstruction of the 
economy of Latin America that is expressed by ALCA, the Plan Puebla  
Panama and its armed branch, the "Plan Colombia", which aims to deal with 
the resistance of every opposing social force, to isolate and eliminate the 
guerilla movement of Colombia and subvert the legal and democratic 
Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

* The initiatives against the plans of the USA and EU to subjugate the 
economies of the Arab countries (Magreb  Masrek).

* The undertaking of active initiatives to co-ordinate the action of our 
parties against capitalist globalisation, taking into consideration the new 
and growing movements against the policies of imperialist governments and 
multinational enterprises.

The participants expressed the need for such meetings of Communist and 
Workers' Parties to continue and increase in number, while the need for 
broader meetings on the international level and meetings by area and region 
on issues of interest was stressed.

Also noted was the idea of seeking to hold meetings of our parties in 
connection with large international events in order to achieve a more 
collective elaboration of proposals and the most common possible view and 

It was, moreover, stressed that the need for the distinct presence, the 
consultation and co-operation of Communist and Workers' Parties constitute 
basic factors for the development of a policy of alliances and co- 
operation, a policy with a positive impact which is not in contradiction 
with the co-ordination and joint action of broader democratic, anti-
imperialist, anti-monopoly and patriotic forces as well as of the multiform 
movement against capitalist globalisation.

It was noted that it is useful for the discussion to be broadened and for 
views to be exchanged, with the development of theoretical elaborations 
regarding the transformation of this society, and the prospect for 
socialism under present conditions.

Participants also expressed the need to further reinforce the 
internationalist solidarity of our parties with communists and all 
progressive people and parties facing persecution and imprisonment and 
whose activity is prohibited.

Furthermore, the need for solidarity in action against anti-democratic 
discrimination and reactionary regulations targeting democratic rights and 
liberties was expressed.

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