The Guardian May 8, 2002

Who backed who in the scramble to Canberra

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) has lifted the lid on 
donations made to elected politicians in last years Federal Elections.

NSW Independent Tony Windsor who successfully challenged the Nationals in 
New England ranked among the highest individual fundraisers, collecting a 
whopping $91,900 including $10,000 from the Sporting Shooters Association 
and $5,000 from National Party supporter Norma McDonald.

Former Labor and now One Nation Senator, Graeme Campbell, received $61,889 
in donations. Again the Sporting Shooters' Association was among his 
highest contributors.

Other high flyer fundraisers include Tasmanian Liberal Candidate for 
Franklin Peter Hodgman who raised a total of $49,855 in political 
donations. His highest contributor being $17,000 from the Free Enterprise 
Foundation. Liberal Party backbencher Kay Elson who holds the seat of Forde 
in Queensland raised a total of $16,329 including $1200 for pharmaceutical 
giant Pfizer.

Highest among Labor Party identities is Opposition frontbencher Martin 
Ferguson who received a total of $16,000 for a campaign lunch. Donors 
included Thyssen Transrapid Australia, Grocon Pty Ltd, Qantas Airways and 
Leighton Holdings. Another major sponsor of Mr Ferguson's campaign was the 
Asia Pacific Space Centre, developers of a proposed spaceport on Christmas 
Island who donated $10,000.

This is not a complete list of disclosures, as it seems that many 
politicians have not lodged disclosure forms at this stage although it is 
now over 5 months since the election. As more information is released 
further details will be provided. If you want to check up on your favourite 
politician, the list is available on the AEC website:

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