The Guardian
Issue No: 1070November 7, 2001
Editorial: Globalisation brings global recession
Fund aged care nurses demand
Immigration policy under fire
Shier gets the axe
Maralinga: The issue the major parties won't touch
Howard ducks Ansett
Australia-wide anti-war actions
November 7th Peace, bread and land
WTO Doha: North versus South
CPA election policies:
A government in the interests of the people

Milosevic accuses NATO
Anthrax puts spotlight on healthcare crisis
Canada: "Anti-terrorism" Bill attack on democracy
FBI weighs torture option
Culture and Life
Business opportunities: The Mafia prove (once again) they're part of the capitalist system
The CIA the graduate's friend: ...when things get desperate
Back in the trenches: ...economic warfare
Marie Antoinette, phone home: ...that's just what the ruling class wants
The power of the Force grows: Ideas become a material who said that?
Sign of the times: A Girl Scouts for the modern world