The Guardian
Issue No: 1069October 31, 2001
Editorial: Shameless pork-barrelling and an alternative
Blood on their hands
Howard's uncivilised war
Observations of a public education tourist
CPA policies:
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Aged care nurses take action
Corporate welfare and the fall of
South Australia's Premier

Drug companies whopping profits
WTO Part 3: Shutting government out
Capitalism Part 4: Rotten to the core
British Labor MP: We Will not be silenced
Removal of Cuba base: "detrimental to Russia"
Shoddy manoeuvres to form government

Palestine: "End the nightmare of violence"
Huge anti-war demonstration in Brazil
CPA meet the candidates: Dora Anthony
Policies for young people

Culture and Life
The stench of hypocrisy: But they're our own terrorists!
Kiss your allotment goodbye: Creating landless peasants
A man of insensitivity: ...who happens to be a Premier