The Guardian
Issue No: 1065October 3, 2001
Editorial: Fences can also keep people in
Act now for peace
Letter from Michael Moore
"We are refugees, not criminals"
Government shortchanges Ansett workers
An illegal war what the ANZUS Treaty says
Bungling the future: selling schools to developers
Pasminco workers in dark
Aboriginal students protest
against university restructure

Taubman paint workers hit with injunctions
Poverty forces students out of university courses
Bin Laden causes global capitalist crisis!!
Castro speaks about "Infinite Justice"
Monopolisation giant mergers and takeovers
US voices for peace
US students rally against war
Arab CPs:
"A bitter outcome of American policies"

Globalising hunger
Poland: 'bye 'bye Solidarity!
Real costs of economic rationalist childcare policies
Culture and Life
Public is better: Public funds save inefficient private enterprise again!