The Guardian
Issue No: 1063September 19, 2001
Editorial: The economics behind the war talk
NO to war!
Ansett: that other calamity
CPA statement on terrorism in the USA:
War is not the answer

Communist Party, USA:
A tragedy for all humanity

Government creates Fortress Australia
Australian Arabic Council condemns attacks
Fifty Families:
A report on unreasonable working hours

Death Downtown: a letter from Michael Moore
US events: who said what around the world
Sceptical? Read this!
A viewpoint from Radio Havana Cuba
Afghan women denounce terrorism
Belarus: Blatant interference, but Lukashenko wins
Colombia: another American Vietnam
Walid Jumblatt asks some questions
Anger over Native Title Act
Australian struggle to maintain CP legality:
A great democratic rights victory

Culture and Life
Asking questions... ...about US terrorism