The Guardian
Issue No: 1057August 8, 2001
Editorial: How to protect workers' jobs
End the entitlements rip-off!
End the charity, move on rights
US-Australia planning for Asia-Pacific domination
Maralinga fallout continues today
Repreive for Mitsubishi workers?
Investigate bosses says CFMEU
Public property sold off,
taxpayers ripped off

Metroshelf: 11th week locked out
Competition policy: fact and fiction
Market myths
Demonising a nation: Macedonia
Nicaragua: Sandinista victory possible
Out of their own mouths
Mumia 20 years on death row
Mumia Abu-Jamal: in his own words
Culture and Life
Reasonable Victorian police to use "reasonable" violence: Another little step towards a police state
Reagan's legacy: A third-rate US President and his fourth-rate admirers
The International on film: The journey of a revolutionary song