The Guardian
Issue No: 1050June 20, 2001
Editorial: And the answer is: public ownership
Hands off workers' compensation
Education: Ramsey gets it wrong
ABC: Axeman Shier's frenzy continues
Cold War nuclear secrets oozing out
Scientists strike over staffing crisis
Ombudsman condones police violence at S11
No time off to give blood
A mesage from the zealots
Fight for NSW schools
"Economic nationalism": the fascist agenda
National Civic Council and anti-communism
Sailing off the face of the earth:
rising sea levels threaten island nations

Irish bring down Treaty of Nice
UK: Poor left vote, but
Sinn Fein increases seats

South Korean unions call for international solidarity
Lebanon: living in a minefield
A slave by any other name
Culture and Life
China and Russia main targets: The Cold War heats up