The Guardian
Issue No: 1048June 6, 2001
Editorial: Privatisation behind telco crash
One.Tel : rorts and rip-offs
A budget for the people
Federal Budget: Public education hit again
Federal Budget:
Health bonanza for private sector

Deceptive glitter in NSW State Budget
School privatisation backlash
Carr Government putting NSW
on track to a police state

Workers block BHP's job-cutting vendetta
Meatworkers' victory
Big Brother Echelon
Israeli aggression drives cycle of bloodletting
Israeli teenagers victims of
Israeli occupation and war policy

Theory & Practice: Sport and capitalism
Indonesia's future in the melting pot
War danger grows as globocop
threaten on Thai-Burma border

AKEL victor in Cyprus elections
The importance of the peace movement
Culture and Life
Protecting Che's image:
Most popular photo of all time?
Who's for democracy?:
White House purity exposed
Canada: Some hard lessons
as Algoma Steel goes bust