The Guardian November 28, 2001

Greece: Thousands march to US embassy

Tens of thousands of people and youth honoured the uprising of the 
Polytechnic University of Athens on November 17, marking the timeliness and 
the liveliness of the visions and the aspirations of the uprising.

On November 15-17, 1973, the students of the Polytechnic University 
occupied its building, demonstrating against the military junta, USA and 

They were joined by thousands of workers, young people, and peasants who 
gathered at the Polytechnic University, giving the uprising a pandemic 

The US-backed military dictatorship used armed forces and tanks to repress 
the uprising, leading in tens of people being killed.

Every year commemorations are held in Universities, schools, workplaces, 
even in military units, linking the anti-imperialist message of the 
uprising with today's struggles of young people.

The events in Athens end in a huge demonstration at the US Embassy, headed 
by the flag of the Polytechnic University that still bears the signs of 
blood on it.

Huge, militant, dynamic and with a clear anti-imperialist content, tens of 
thousands of people and youth of Athens marched this year from the 
Polytechnic to the embassy of the US, last Saturday (17/11) shouting 
slogans such as: "murderers of the people, Americans", "50 years of NATO, 
the same story, juntas, wars, terrorism", "no involvement, no 
participation, let the Americans and their bases get out", +"the enemy is 
one: imperialism" etc.

Among the demonstrators were soldiers in uniforms, giving a message that 
they are an integral part of the Greek people, and they will not be used 
against the popular interests; a message that is very relevant, since the 
participation of Greece in the imperialist plans and wars continues and 
plans for creation of a professional army are proceeding.

With one of the most massive anti-imperialist and anti-war demonstrations 
of the past years, the people of Thessaloniki took to the streets of the 
city, to honour the heroic uprising of the Polytechnic and promised to 
continue the struggle so that its aspirations are realised.

Similar demonstrations were held in all cities of Greece.

* * *
Acknowledgements: Communist Youth of Greece

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