The Guardian October 10, 2001

New York Labor group opposes Bush's war

A statement condemning terrorism but opposing war as a solution has been 
signed by 100 union members in their individual capacities. Included were 
eight trade union presidents including Larry Adams, National Postal Mail 
Handlers Union; Barbara Bowen, Professional Staff Congress; Arthur 
Cheliotes, Communication Workers of America; Michael Letwin, Association of 
Legal Aid Attorneys/UAW; Jill Levy, Council of Supervisors and 
Administrators, NYS Federation of School Administrators, American 
Federation of School Administrators; Maida Rosenstein; Brenda Stokely, 
AFSCME; Jonathan Tasini, National Writers Union.

They have formed an ad hoc coalition called Labor Against War and adopted 
the following principles:

NO WAR. It is wrong to punish any nation or people for the crimes of

Individuals  peace requires global social and economic justice.

JUSTICE, NOT VENGEANCE: An independent international tribunal to 
impartially investigate, apprehend and try those responsible for the 
September 11 attack.

profiling and legal restrictions against people of color and immigrants, 
and defend democratic rights.

AID FOR THE NEEDY, NOT THE GREEDY: Government aid for the victims families 
and displaced workers  not the wealthy. Rebuild New York City with union 
labor, union pay, and with special concern for new threats to worker health 
and safety.

NO LABOR AUSTERITY: The cost of September 11 must not be borne by working 
and poor New Yorkers. No surrender of workers' living standards, programs 
or other rights.

September 11 has brought indescribable suffering to New York City's working 
people, says a statement issued by the group. We have lost friends, family 
members and co-workers of all colors, nationalities and religions  a 
thousand of them union members. An estimated one hundred thousand New 
Yorkers will lose their jobs.

We condemn this crime against humanity and mourn those who perished. We are 
proud of the rescuers and the outpouring of labor support for victims' 
families. We want justice for the dead and safety for the living.

And we believe that George Bush's war is not the answer.

No one should suffer what we experienced on September 11. Yet war will 
inevitably harm countless innocent civilians, strengthen American alliances 
with brutal dictatorships and deepen global poverty  just as the United 
States and its allies have already inflicted widespread suffering on 
innocent people in such places as Iraq, Sudan, Israel and the Occupied 
Territories, the former Yugoslavia and Latin America.

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