The Guardian October 3, 2001

Taubman paint workers hit with injunctions

Paint workers employed by South African multinational Taubmans have been 
on strike for more than six weeks in an attempt to get the company to pay 
all their employees equally  whether they live in Sydney, Melbourne or 

They are fighting for:

* Protection of their entitlements.

* Wage justice for Barloworld (Taubmans) workers in Sydney who are paid on 
average $51 per week less than their equivalent workers in Melbourne and 

* A fair wage increase.

"Our 122 members at Taubmans in Villawood, Sydney, are seeking pay rates 
equivalent to what the company pays in Queensland and Victoria", said Annie 
Owens, secretary, NSW Branch LHMU.

"At the moment Sydney wages are on average $51 a week less than those paid 
to workers in other cities."

The company's application to terminate the bargaining period is due in the 
AIRC on October 17, 18 and 19.

"Taubmans is now owned by a South African company, Barloworlds", said Ms 
Owens. "The industrial action at the Taubmans site has been going on and on 
because of the breakdown of negotiations in relation to a new enterprise 
bargaining agreement.

"Our members are demanding the company sit down to open and fair 
negotiations over pay and the protection of workers' entitlements. Three 
times  usually in the middle of the night  the company has secreted out 
millions of gallons of paint.

"The company has eagerly used the anti-worker laws of the Howard 
Government. Injunctions have been granted against the union and its 

"They want to constrain and demoralise LHMU Paint Union members.

"Our union members, however, are strong and resolved, they have maintained 
a lengthy and disciplined peaceful picket, and kept themselves and their 
families fed", said Annie Owens.

You can support the Taubmans workers by contacting the paint company to 
register your protest at their treatment of workers.


Phone: 02 9794 1200

LHMU members urgently need financial assistance. A special account for the 
workers has been set up. Donations can be deposited at any Commonwealth 
Bank Account No: 06 2006 103 55251.

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