The Guardian October 3, 2001

Arab Communist and Workers Parties say
"A bitter outcome of American policies"

Humanity in various continents and countries received with utmost 
condemnation the suicidal attacks in New York and Washington. For as much 
as these attacks spread fear, horror and a state of deep frustration inside 
America, they also created an atmosphere of anger and condemnation outside 
it because of the thousands of innocent people who fell victim to this 

But condemnation does not mean refusing to view this terrorist act in its 
reality, as being in one main aspect, a bitter outcome of American policy 
itself. On the other side, it is a consequence of the tremendous resentment 
and anger which have been escalating all over the world, against injustice, 
oppression, exploitation and recklessness towards human beings; as well as 
against growing poverty and misery throughout the world.

The US administration's reaction to this event and its subsequent acts have 
indicated elements of confusion, arrogance and lack of rationality. It 
considered what happened the beginning of a new kind of war which the 
forces of evil have declared against the forces of good, and pledged to 
wage a long-term crusade until it achieves victory.

It called upon states of the world to join an alliance with it against 
terror and against states and centres that harbour terrorists and offer 
them assistance. All this without arriving at a clear specification with 
regard to responsibilities.

Its behaviour has thus become close to settling scores with all its 
opponents, employing the suicidal attack itself as a means to proceed with 
the same policies, i.e., the policy of control over the world and 
subjecting it to American interests to the exclusion of others.

The US administration is therefore deliberately ignoring the real factors 
which led to this catastrophe, first and foremost the policy of 
impoverishing nations and plundering their wealth, obstructing the 
institutions of international legitimacy, supporting the Israeli wrongdoing 
at the expense of Palestinian rightness, and the arrogance of power and 
attempts at hegemony and exclusivity.

Here lies evil and the source of reactions to it. The biggest example on 
this are the acts of blackmail and crimes committed by the government of 
the world criminal Ariel Sharon, using the attacks in the US as a pretext, 
claiming that its aggression against the Palestinian people represents its 
own contribution against terror.

This complex situation requires that all honest people in the world work 
hard for the rejection of these American aims and support the idea of 
convening an international conference within the framework of the United 
Nations, which has been called for by Syria and is currently adopted by 
Egypt and other countries.

Such a conference can put forward a comprehensive definition of 
international terror that makes a distinction between it and legitimate 
acts of resistance.

Only then can an international alliance be established against terror  
after reaching agreement on its definition, its forces and instruments. 
This alliance will definitely be under the supervision of the UN and its 
exclusive responsibility.

The danger that US action might go beyond reacting to the perpetrators of 
the attacks, raises the need for utmost vigilance on the Arab level, in 
defence of Arab interests in general and the Palestinian people in 

The United States and the world will continue to be exposed to terror as 
long as the current policies of Washington remain, and as long as 
injustice, aggression and usurpation continue; until the dawn of a new 
world order in which justice, harmony and equality prevail among peoples.

Jordanian Communist Party
Syrian Communist Party
Iraqi Communist Party
Lebanese Communist Party
Sudanese Communist Party
Egyptian Communist Party
Palestinian People's Party

September 20, 2001.

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