The Guardian September 5, 2001

Japan's election result

The Japanese Communist Party (JCP) has issued a statement on the outcome 
of the elections held towards the end of July. It says that the election 
was fought in a peculiar political situation characterised by what the 
media called a "Koizumi whirlwind" blowing on an unprecedented scale. This 
"whirlwind" caused the JCP enormous adversity. The JCP lost three of its 
eight seats that were up for election.

In the proportional representation constituency, the JCP received 4.33 
million votes, which was more than the 3.87 million it got in the 1995 
House of Councillors election but less than the votes it obtained in the 
1998 and 2000 elections.

The JCP was the only party that courageously and openly criticised Prime 
Minister Koizumi's "structural reform" plans as schemes that will shift 
unbearable burdens onto the people and invite the failure of Japan's 
economy. All the other parties were in favour of them.

The failure of Koizumi politics is clearer now. "We are sure that the JCP's 
policies and arguments will play an important role in the future 
developments of politics and the economy", said the Party's statement.

"We are acutely aware of the importance of building a party which is strong 
both quantitatively and qualitatively, and capable of overcoming all 
political adversities".

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