The Guardian September 5, 2001

East Timor said, "Yes"!

Ramos Horta told Reuters news agency that there were talks between the 
United Nations administration in East Timor, Australia and the UN in Geneva 
to try to find a solution to the stand-off.

Ramos Horta said: "We are a small player. If we can be the solution to this 
problem, of course we'll make ourselves available."

A UN representative in East Timor said, "We have the capability of dealing 
with 15,000 refugees." The camps were set up after 250,000 people were left 
homeless by violence which swept the island after East Timor voted for 
independence in the 1999 referendum.

"They (the East Timorese) have been through the same ordeal. They can 
identify with those people", said the UN representative.

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