The Guardian August 29, 2001

Yet another dirty NATO war in Balkans

Over 120,000 refugees have fled Macedonia in recent weeks as the fascist 
Albanian terrorists, the so-called National Liberation Army, has terrorised 
Macedonians, destroyed their homes and uprooted whole communities.

The war in Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) pits a US-
sponsored government against the US-sponsored KLA. It is part of a project 
by the US and NATO to destablise another Balkan republic so that the 
Western imperialist powers can control the whole of the Balkans.

Washington's aim is to establish its hegemony and continue developing an 
oil pipeline that will make US oil companies dominant in the Balkans, in 
the Caucasus and Central Asia.

"We are witnessing a monster actually created by NATO", said the FYROM 
Prime Minister Ljubko Georgievski. He accused the NATO "negotiators" of 
"forcing Macedonia to cave in to the demands from Albanian guerillas".

The next target of the Albanian fascists is the destablisation and 
annexation of the northern part of Greece. The KLA calls this area Chameria 
and claims that the one million ethnic Albanians who live in the region 
"must enjoy their rights" and threatens that "an armed struggle will get 
under way."

NATO lies about Milosevic trial

Meanwhile in The Hague, Slobodan Milosevic is expected to be brought before 
the NATO war tribunal towards any day now. Milosevic and the Socialist 
Party of Serbia fought against NATO's dismemberment plans, opposed 
International Monetary Fund privatisation schemes and the reactionary 
elements in the pay of the US, German and other NATO countries. 

This is the real reason for Milosevic being kidnapped and brought before 
the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY).

NATO and the ICTY lied when they brought Milosevic to The Hague and claimed 
a legal right to do so. Ramsey Clark, a former US Attorney General who is 
helping Milosevic prepare his defence says, "He has been seized, confined 
and illegally transported from his own country."

They lied again when they informed the media that their prisoner was 
suicidal. "Milosevic remains strong, has an excellent spirit", says Ramsey 
Clark after visiting Milosevic.

News reports claimed that Milosevic was being held in solitary confinement 
"at his own request". "This is a lie", said Yugoslav defence lawyer 
Dragoslav Ognjanovic who denied that his client had asked to be separated 
from other prisoners at the tribunal. 

Clark said that Milosevic's solitary confinement violates even "the 
tribunal's own rules and procedures".

"I've seen this in many countries. The authorities try to disorient and 
weaken a political prisoner, especially in the first stages" by withholding 
visits or imposing onerous conditions. 

The Tribunal judge said that Milosevic would have limited rights if he 
decided to defend himself, yet when he was arraigned on July 3, the judge 
said, "You will have full opportunity in due course to defend yourself and 
to make your defence before the tribunal."

Milosevic, with the support of a strong team of lawyers, plans to take on 
his own defence and to put NATO and the ICTY on trial. Milosevic told 
Clark: "OK. I didn't choose to be here, but I am here. It is my destiny to 
use this prison as a platform to help our people."

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