The Guardian August 29, 2001

CPA's Federal Election policies and preference allocation

At its meeting on August 18-19 the Central Committee of the Communist 
Party of Australia adopted the following points as the basis of the CPA's 
policy direction for the forthcoming Federal election.

The Communist Party works for an effective change in the direction of 
Australian politics.

We campaign to win support for and implementation of alternative policies 
that will overcome the worst features of the profit driven economic and 
social system.

We call for a government that will put the people before the big 
corporations. A government that puts the people before profits, a 
government that opposes corporate globalisation.

Such a government, closely linked with the people's mass movements ands 
struggles, could implement many of the policy proposals which have been put 
forward by left and progressive political parties, by trade unions, 
environmental, peace, educational and community organisations, health and 
democratic rights bodies and so on.

Some of the most important election issues are:

* The repeal of anti-union legislation and support for trade union rights;
* Opposition to racism and support for multiculturalism;
* Opposition to all forms of discrimination;
* Support for women's rights;
* Support for a flexible and humane immigration policy;
* Opposition to privatisation and National Competition Policy;
* Support for public education;
* Job creation and full employment;
* Opposition to work for the dole schemes and support for the rights of 
welfare recipients;
* Support for public health;
* Support for environmentally sustainable policies;
* The repeal of the GST.

CPA Policy for the Allocation of Preferences

The allocation of CPA preferences is based on giving preference to parties 
and candidates who act on the interests of the working class and the 
majority of the people.

We will allocate preferences to left and progressive candidates first and 

We will then preference the ALP followed by the Coalition forces.

We will place the extreme right last.

The general order of the left and progressive forces will be based upon 
their policy positions and upon the outcome of discussions that are held 
between the parties.

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