The Guardian July 18, 2001

Greek youth battle NATO invaders

The 10th Anti-imperialist Camp of Communist Youth of Greece (KNE) was a 
great success. Thousands of youth, members and friends of KNE, from all the 
parts of Greece met in Stomio, Larissa, July 7-8 and set up their own "war 
headquarters" against all those who undermine their future. They sang 
together, danced, played and laughed.

The participants of the 10th Anti-imperialist Camp enjoyed the sun and the 
sea. They took part in football games and visited the photographic 
exhibition about the crimes committed by imperialism in Yugoslavia and 

On the Saturday night they enjoyed concerts by renowned singers, the group 
"Youth Action for Peace" of Thessaloniki, and a theatrical performance of 
Aristofanis. Later at night, in the Camp, the members and friends of KNE, 
sat around the fire with their guitars and sang songs under the moonlight.

The peace movement of Thessaloniki organised an all-night vigil against the 
coming of the NATO fleet. They set up tents, decorated the main road with 
red banners and Greek flags, sang songs and shouted slogans.

The protestors built seven "fortifications" on the beach, giving each of 
them a name connected with the history of struggles of the people of 
Thessaloniki. Very early in the morning, when the radio announced that the 
NATO fleet was approaching they staged a mock "naval battle" against the 
invaders: the horns were alarming, and the "canons" were firing star-shells 
against the NATO vessels.

On the Sunday, the KNE joined with the peace movement and the people of the 
city of Thessaloniki, and side by side, demonstrated against the NATO 
fleet's presence in the port.

Walking from the White Tower of Thessaloniki to the port, their slogans 
included, "Americans are murderers of the people", "NATO, out of the 
Balkans", "Together Simitis (Prime Minister of Greece) and the Americans 
have created Hague's slaughter house", "EU and NATO are a syndicate of 
war". The huge anti-imperialist demonstration looked like a big, red river 
which poured through the city.

Thessaloniki dignitaries were invited to attend a "reception" on the NATO 
fleet flagship. Most, including the president of the Organisation of the 
Port of Thessaoniki, the Prefecture and the Mayor either declined or 
ignored the invitation. In any case the reception was cancelled due to the 

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