The Guardian June 13, 2001

March on Washington September 29

The rapidly growing opposition to the anti-people policies of US 
President Bush and the Republican Right has coalesced into a National March 
on Washington to Overturn the Bush Program. The march organisers have 
issued a Call for Mass Action on September 29, claiming the Bush Program is 
"Anti-People, Racist, Sexist, Anti-Gay, Pro-War: Only the Mobilisation of 
the People Can Stop It!"

The National March on September 29 is planned to coincide with the first 
day of a Sept 29-Oct 2 "convergence" in Washington against the IMF and 
World Bank.

Hundreds of organisations and prominent individuals have endorsed the Call 
to Action, including historian and author Howard Zinn, former US Attorney 
General Ramsey Clark, Ossie Davis, former Mayor of New York David Dinkins, 
and many trade union and religious leaders, as well as peace, ethnic, gay, 
black, Native American and democratic rights activists and groups.

In addition, the Latin American Solidarity Conference, which includes many 
important national US organisations, will be conducting a rally on 
September 29 in Washington focusing on US interventionist policies in Latin 

They have decided to then march to the White House to join with the other 
sectors who are uniting to fight back against the reactionary Bush program.

All those sectors of US society that are under attack from the Republican 
Right will be mobilising in force. They include anti-racist and anti-death 
penalty groups, women's organisations, trade unions, 
lesbian/gay/bi/transgender groups, peace organisations opposed to National 
Missile Defence and Star Wars, and many other organisations.

The Call to Action says: "The reactionary administration of George W Bush 
is moving at record speed to give trillions more to the rich, undermine the 
labour movement, roll back civil rights, women's, lesbian/gay and disabled 
rights, gut environmental protections, and escalate militarism and the 
threat of new wars.

"Described as `further right than the Reagan administration', the Bush team 
is a collection of pro-corporate pirates and bigots who are determined to 
demolish all rights except those of big business to make unlimited profits.

"As one newspaper headline put it, `Happy Days Are Here Again for Business 

"There is only one force that can defeat the Bush program  the mass 
mobilisation of the people.

"A united and organised campaign bringing together all those who will be 
hurt by the Bush program ... can succeed in turning back this massive 

"The Bush Government poses a grave danger to the people and the planet on 
many fronts. In his first three months in office, Bush has:

* attacked the labour movement and all working people, throwing out 
regulations to protect workers from repetitive motion injuries [RSI];

* blocked airline workers from going on strike, and cut unionised workers 
out of federal construction projects;

* cancelled funding for international family planning and called for ending 
women's right to choose;

* appointed John Ashcroft as Attorney General (Ashcroft has written of his 
admiration for the Confederate slaveholders and is a racist opponent of 
affirmative action, lesbian, gay and women's rights. Like Bush, Ashcroft is 
an avid supporter of the death penalty and building more prisons.);

* promoted the racist death penalty (We are demanding freedom for Mumia 

* announced plans to vastly increase military spending, including building 
a "missile defence system", really part of nuclear first-strike strategy; 
Bush has bombed Iraq, broken off talks with North Korea, given the green 
light to Israel to launch new attacks on the Palestinian people, and 
escalated hostility toward Russia, China and Cuba;

* while pretending to be concerned about children and education, called for 
cutting funding for pre-school, child-abuse and children's health programs;

* opposed any limit on what oil, gas and utility monopolies can charge, 
leading to a 50 percent increase in rates in California, soon to be 
followed by rates in the rest of the country;

* proposed opening up the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve and other 
federal parks and lands for oil and gas drilling, mining and logging;

* threatened to start a new Vietnam-type war in Colombia;

* rejected the Kyoto Treaty to stop global warming, broken his campaign 
pledge to reduce global-warming carbon dioxide from power plants, and 
rejected lowering the level of arsenic in [US] drinking water;

* pushed for a tax cut plan that would make the rich much richer while 
giving working people almost nothing."

The organisers are confident of a large participation on September 29.

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