The Guardian June 13, 2001

False arguments behind Iraq sanctions

The demand that the western powers lift the criminal sanctions imposed 
on Iraq since the Gulf war of 1990 is growing more and more insistent. That 
sanctions be lifted is supported by Russia, China and France who are 
permanent members of the Security Council and by many other countries. 
However, in the UN the US and Britain use their veto powers to prevent the 
UN making such a decision. They have used the false argument of weapons 
inspections to justify the continuation of sanctions.

Millions of Iraqis have died as a result of the shortage of food and 
medicines brought on by the sanctions but the sufferings of the Iraqi 
people do not move the leaders of the US and Britain.

At the meeting of the heads of State of Arab countries held in Amman 
(Jordan) a resolution was tabled calling for sanctions to be abandoned and 
requiring Iraq to agree to respect the independence and sovereignty of 
Kuwait and settle outstanding issues amicably.

The resolution also called for an end to the American and British bombing 
in the so-called "no-fly zones".

However, surprisingly the resolution was opposed by the delegation from 
Iraq and had to be abandoned.

Colonel Gaddafi of Libya described the attitude of the Iraqi delegation as 

At the meeting of the Arab Heads of State the Iraqi delegation quarelled 
with the delegates of those countries that have been strongest in their 
demand that sanctions be lifted. The Iraqis also personally insulted King 
Abdullah of Jordan who hosted the meeting.

An impression has been left that the Iraqi leader, Saddam Hussein, does not 
want to have the sanctions lifted for his own domestic reasons.

Abu Fady a member of the Iraqi Communist Party in Australia told the "The 
Guardian": "The fact is that the Iraqi dictator is playing a dangerous 
diplomatic game over UN sanctions and is trying to use them to his 
advantage. He is able to continue to control the Iraqi population by food 
rationing and uses the sanctions to excuse the regime's own shortcomings. 
It appears that Saddam does not want sanctions lifted.

"Once again his policies are playing into the hands of the US and British 
Governments. They need Saddam and Saddam needs them!"

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