The Guardian June 13, 2001

Important message from Depleted Uranium victim

Michel Collon is a journalist and author who has been documenting, 
publishing and exposing NATO's war crimes in the Balkans. In 
particular he has done much work exposing NATO's wanton and criminal and 
use of Depleted Uranium against the civilian population of Yugoslavia. 
Michel now has personally become a victim of NATO's crimes against 
humanity, and has contracted cancer from exposure to U-235, a 
derivative of uranium that does not exist in nature. The following is a 
message from Michel. Guardian readers are encouraged to send 
messages of solidarity and best wishes for recovery. Let him know that you 
support his brave and valuable work and that he does not stand alone in 
this struggle (address below).

Dear friends,

I am committed to keeping you informed of the developments with my cancer. 
I was to be operated on for a cancer of the kidney; the operation went very 
well and I am convalescing normally.

Unfortunately, I learned that the tests carried out on the kidney that was 
removed, as well as on the other kidney and on the thyroid gland, revealed 
the presence of Cesium 134 and 137 as well as that of a third element.

All three are products of the decomposition of Uranium 235, which, as is 
known, is derived directly from the waste products of nuclear power plants.

Tests to verify these results will be carried out in the coming days. The 
laboratory of the Institute of Nuclear Medicine, directed by Professor 
Frohling, has therefore found these radioactive substances in my body.

This only reinforces my anger against the heads of NATO, who have 
transformed entire territories into radioactive garbage dumps.

I had the good fortune to have had the radioactive substances discovered 
very early and to have been cared for by people both competent and 
committed to their work.

But I think also of the local population, of the hundreds of thousands of 
people who will have no access to this sophisticated and costly health 
care. In the years to come in these regions, NATO will therefore cause (and 
has already caused) enormous suffering and anguish.

I would like to use my personal experience to break into the media with the 
truth and reinforce the determination of all those who want to make sure 
the heads of NATO pay for what they did.

The NATO leaders are the monsters who lied about their war, claiming that 
it was clean. Not only did they lie about their so-called humanitarian 
goals that were in reality economic and strategic goals, but also they 
treated all the peoples of the region like garbage.

I have decided to open an emergency suit to gain justice. NATO must pay for 
the costly medical examinations and tests.

NATO ignored the principle of prudence for all Belgians who were sent in to 
these countries  Iraq, Bosnia, Kosovo, Yugoslavia  and they also should 
be able to benefit from the examinations and explorations.

Medicine for the Third World is committed to coordinating the necessary 
steps. (Medicine for the Third World: 02/5040147 Colette Moulaert Email:

Messages of support may forwarded to Michel, care of Roland Marounek at

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