The Guardian June 13, 2001

ABC unique and essential service

by Penelope Toltz, Friends of the ABC NSW President.

On April 29, 15,000 members of the public  ABC shareholders  gathered 
on the Sydney Opera House steps to protest against funding cuts to the 
national broadcaster by the Federal Government. "The Guardian" is 
publishing further contributions of speakers at the protest. The following 
is an abridged version of the contribution

Good afternoon Friends of the ABC. Before I begin my speech, I would like 
to say a huge thank you to the hundreds of people who helped this event to 
happen. From our wonderful talent, to the hundreds of volunteers who came 
to us via the internet, the phone tree and by other means, through to our 
subcommittees and my hard working committee members who have tirelessly 
letter-boxed and emailed and handed out flyers and more, thank you from the 
bottom of my heart.

Without you, none of this could have happened.

Yesterday I received a letter from the ABC Chairman, Mr Donald McDonald, on 
behalf of the Board and the Managing Director, saying, and I quote, 
"consistent with its position in relation to functions of this type, the 
Board does not consider it appropriate for Directors to participate in this 

Isn't it extraordinary that the people who have been entrusted in a 
position of privilege to run the ABC on OUR behalf do not see themselves as 
being accountable to us.

Section 8 of the ABC Act clearly says, "It is the duty of the Board to 
ensure that the functions of the Corporation are performed efficiently and 
with the maximum benefit to the people of Australia".

I am sad that the people who make the decisions about how the ABC works, 
feel that they cannot put themselves in front of a democratic event such as 
this one  the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Shareholders of the 
ABC  you the Australian listeners and viewers.

From the city to the suburbs, to the regions to rural and remote Australia, 
everyone has a program of some sort which speaks to them. If we're talking 
about brands  in our [economic] rationalist world branding is the thing -
- then the ABC is a brand that people feel they can trust. And it is that 
very brand that is threatened.

In times of crisis viewers and listeners turn to the ABC news because they 
feel that it tells them the well researched story free from commercial 
considerations and pressures from media moguls.

When floods and fire sweep through the outback, ABC stations stay on air 
all night with information which often saves people's lives and also 
valuable stock.

Think of the money that is saved, the stress and heartbreak that is 
averted, because the ABC is doing its job. How do you measure the worth of 
an organisation during these times?

But it's not only in times of crisis that the ABC is an essential service, 
operating in the national interest. It is every single day of our lives 
that we rely on the ABC  to make sense of a complex world, for pleasure 
and enjoyment, to be challenged and more.

And it is the ABC that brings us together, that lets us as a nation speak 
to itself and about itself. This is the discussion that lies at the heart 
of a healthy society, a vibrant democracy, that Mr McDonald and his friends 
in government don't appear  to understand.

The ABC Friends calls on governments of all persuasions to for once take 
the high moral ground and de-politicise the Board. The ABC Board should 
cease to be an entity of patronage for whichever party is in power. The 
funding of the ABC should cease to be a weapon with which to threaten staff 
and management.

In a nation which is concerning itself with knowledge and education, the 
ABC has the potential to be one of our greatest educators, especially now 
with its online services.

The ABC is unique in the way that it holds governments accountable.

Today with most of our watchdogs having had their teeth pulled, the ABC is 
frequently the only organisation which can still perform the function of 
asking the questions that we as citizens would like to ask our 
representatives in government if we had the chance.

It is no wonder that an organisation like the Friends are gaining 
unprecendented numbers of new members each day. In the past six months 
alone branches have opened in Orange, Bathurst, Manning Great Lakes, 

When you appoint boards as a form of government patronage; appoint a 
Managing Director whose experience is in the marketing area of commercial 
television only; when a government cuts $67 million out of an organisation 
after the previous government has already taken out $100 million over ten 

When staff are being sacked right and left, including from archives and 
television production, so that specialist broadcasters are under more 
stress than is humanly possible to bear, drop the arts budget by one third 
so there is no money for drama in stereo on Radio FM, make staff use buses 
to get to interviews while the Managing Director has a Range Rover and a 
liveried chauffeur driven limousine ... then is it no wonder the level of 
anger has never been greater amongst the voting Australian public.

If you don't yet belong to the Friends of the ABC, join today. Put yourself 
down to volunteer or join our telephone tree. It's the fastest way we can 
inform each other if we are not on the internet.

Go to our web site at

if you are on the net, for the most up to date information on what is 
happening with the Friends. But above all, be a concerned citizen and find 
out what your prospective members of parliament stand for before you vote 
this year.

You have heard citizens from all walks of life here today speak about Their 
ABC. It belongs to All of Us. Let us not let it slip away, just because it 
has always been there. For once it is changed beyond recognition, or even 
worse, once it is gone, we will never see its like again.

The motion is that "This meeting of the ABC Shareholders endorses the ABC 
Shareholders' Charter."

"The motion was seconded by Rod Quantock and endorsed unanimously by the 
assembled shareholders.

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