The Guardian April 4, 2001

Bush's new enemy

The new American President has lost no time in declaring a new enemy and 
making public his global blueprint. The new No 1 enemy is China.

Donald Rumsfeld, the USA defence secretary unveiled his strategy for a new 
arms race with China. Rumsfeld considers that the Asia-Pacific theatre will 
be the centre of the coming military conflict. He proposes to replace the 
US dependence on air-craft carriers and short-range fighters with long-
range bombers capable of flying across the Pacific ocean to fight and win a 
nuclear war on the Asian mainland.

Taiwan is to be one of the key components of this US strategy. The US is 
considering selling to Taiwan some of the most sophisticated weapons 
developed by the US. China has strongly objected to such arms sales which 
indicates that, despite the often repeated acceptance by the US that there 
is only "one China", it is encouraging the separtist forces of Taiwan.

Commenting on the announcement the "Washington Post" says the Rumsfeld 
review has concluded that the Pacific Ocean should now become the most 
important focus of US military deployment with China which is now perceived 
as the principal threat to American global domination.

Australia's Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer has publicly supported the 
US plans for a National Missile Defence (NMD) and immediately rushed to 
support the repudiation by the US of its obligations under the Kyoto 
convention on greenhouse emissions. Because of this servile "me too" policy 
Australia is being placed in a highly dangerous situation.

The brazen US agenda for world domination fits snugly into the right-wing 
conservative agenda of the Liberal-National Party coalition. Every word 
coming from the USA is taken down as gospel revelation  but the Star Wars 
program is global environmental vandalism and will lead to the destruction 
of whole continents and the deaths of millions of people.

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