The Guardian
Issue No: 1029December 13, 2000
Editorial: Who will decide the future?
ABC strike
More money on military;
no benefit to security

Joining forces against globalisation
Lakeline Village mortgage rort
Refugees: cash offers,
condemnations and alternatives

University staff impose work bans
Stacking the AIRC
Socialism in the 21st Century
The Perfect Diary 2001
Iraq: resistance grows
West Papua: call to end occupation
Blatant biopiracy
Appeal from Iraqi Women's League
Chile: Appeal to support Judge Gusman
World AIDS Day 2000
People's Caravan 2000; protest against TNCs
The revolutionary history of Xmas
Culture and Life
Scandal what scandal?:
Covering up "democracy"
You can trust me I'm a judge:
"Legal"(?) harassment?
CD Review Bougainville Voices